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Here you can learn a little about each of the Merrie Court Singers:

Jan Ford — Soprano and Member Emerita — Jan was the guiding force behind the formation of the Merrie Court Singers. Along with Gary Sartor, she assembled the majority of their repertoire. She firmly believes that the reason that the group has remained active for more than 25 years is that they never bought "team tee-shirts." In "real life," Jan works as a massage therapist.

Gary Sartor — Baritone — Gary is the groupís longest-serving active member, and led the influx of talent to the group from the San Antonio Early Dance Guild. MCSís historian, costumer, and the designer of the groupís logo, Gary is also responsible for maintaining and expanding the groupís repertoire. An award-winning actor and dancer, Gary is also an active member in the Alamo City Menís Chorale. December can be hectic for Gary. In addition to a full calendar of singing, he is often cast as Herr Drosselmeier in a local ballet production of The Nutcracker. Gary's day job is being a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine.

Kathy Feinstein — Soprano — Kathy has been with the group since 1984. She heard about MCS from a founding member who worked as a librarian near Kathy's school in the Edgewood School District. She joined along with her husband, Steve. An award-winning actress, Kathy is also a member of Fein Tuned (a San Antonio-based 60s and 70s band). When not entertaining audiences on-stage, Kathy is working on her grandmother skills.

Steve Feinstein — Tenor — Steve joined the group in 1984 and, by the time he had completed his first Christmas season, his hardest work was behind him. Coming from a non-Christian background, he was unfamiliar with any of the groupís Christmas repertoire, and he had to learn everything from scratch! A pitch-pipe virtuoso with MCS, Steve is also a member of Fein Tuned, a 60s and 70s band. Steve is a CPA, and is CFO of Conceptual Mind Works, Inc.

Karl Kutac — Bass — Karl joined the MCS in 1999, much to the relief and joy of the rest of the singers. Not only do Karlís vocals make the groupís sound fuller and stronger, he also provides the tempo for each song. He hosts the weekly meetings of the group, and is the person primarily responsible for making sure there are plenty of snacks at rehearsals. Ex-Navy and former computer programmer, Karl is currently an RN managing a team of end-of-life health care professionals at Vitas Healthcare.

Lindsay Kutac — Soprano or Alto — Lindsay was literally born into the group. When she joined in 2008, at seven years old, Lindsay became the MCSís youngest-ever member. Since the group rehearses in her familyís living room, she was exposed to the groupís repertoire even before she could walk. Lindsay is a staunch vegan. She can also speed-sign in ASL. She is in several choir groups at Mac Arthur High School. In her spare time, she fosters a hedge hog.

Kelly Powers — Soprano — Kelly is a Nurse Anesthetist, mother, and wife — not necessarily in that order. She has mad skills on the piano, meaning she can use all ten fingers while playing, which is an enormous benefit to the group.

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