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We have currently available for our listening public a Christmas CD called, "An A Cappella Christmas". The 21 songs are listed on a different page and include samples of some of the songs (in mp3 format).

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The best time to buy our Christmas CD is, well, anytime of course! But we like getting our new Christmas CDs prior to the frantic bustle of November and December. They also are great presents, or even "stocking stuffers".

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The CD is $13 (we'll pay the sales tax, if your mailing address is in Texas), plus shipping (about $1.33).

Businesses that wish to buy in volume should contact our Sales guru (click here to email).

We offer PayPal online ordering, for your convenience and ours. It is secure and fast, and most folks we know would rather use a credit card than a money order or cashiers check. If you do feel better sending a cashiers check, simply click on the Order page and you can fill out a short order form.

Click here to order online, either way!

To reiterate, if you have any questions prior to ordering, please email Steve Feinstein, and he'll be glad to help.

For shipping costs, we ask that you, the buyer, pay only what we pay (there are no inflated shipping charges to get more money out of you). The USPS rates, from our location to Sacramento (CA), Chicago (IL), and Atlanta (GA) are the same: approximately $1.33.
[note–this is as of 02/2002. Rates might change in the future.]

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