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We have the ability to log all use of our website. We can see where our "hits" are coming from, what browswer type is being used, what operating system is being used, which of our pages are most-visited, etc., just as many other Internet sites do. By entering our website your IP address and browser information may be logged at our discretion. Cookies are not currently used but may be employed in the future to provide customized access to each visitor or monitor site usage. We may store any voluntarily submitted information. Your physical address, E-mail address, and name will be saved by us only if you intentionally submit such information. WE WILL NOT NOW, NOR EVER IN THE FUTURE provide site log or intentionally submitted information to third parties. Most especially we will not divulge or sell any of our users/customers' information to any type of "list-selling" services. In plain english, we believe information given to us (or extracted via web logs) is private, between you and Jan Ford and Associates. We will always endeavor to keep your information secure, and (we repeat) we'll never sell it or give it to other parties. One caveat: if you choose to use PayPal, we cannot be held responsible for their security, privacy policies, or information usage.


The materials on this website are intended to be for informational, sales, and entertainment purposes. The information contained herein is provided "as is". We neither express nor imply that the materials are fit for a particular purpose, or that these pages or the server that supplies them are free of viruses or other harmful elements. We have no desire to do anything harmful; our web hosting service does the same.

All pages, graphics and files maintained by the Merrie Court Singers are copyrighted and performance copyrighted 2002 by Jan Ford and Associates, or are in the public domain. We reserve all rights to any data or information on our site. Some images or symbols found on our site are trademarked by their respective owners. (e.g. PayPal)

Our Information Contact: Steve Feinstein

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